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-Yo estaba enamorado de Percy -escupió Nico-. Esa es la verdad. Ese es el gran secreto.


Dead Line

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Maybe okay will be our always.

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What’s your favorite music right now?I’m listening to Alt-J, BANKS, Woodkid. I’m a fan of Disclosure. One of my favorite, favorite, favorite bands that I’m just playing to death at the moment is First Aid Kit. I’m into either like sort of folksy Civil Wars kind of stuff at the moment, or sort of like moody. I listen to a lot of moody music recently, which is funny because I’m so happy. But it just makes me happy. So weird.  Adelaide Kane for the Just Jared Spotlight Series

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"You here to finish me off, Sweetheart?"
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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

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I feel so happy to have inspiration enough to color (somewhat) xD. This idea came to me the other night of the big four as kids (I can’t help but to love them as kids D:)and doing a sort of “story time” or “pretend” skit. Jack and Merida sort of fought for the “knight’s” role, you can guess who won and who lost ;). 

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